A Christian friend of mine was counseling a brother in Christ. This man was having a hard time dealing with the past. When he was younger he was charged with murder. The details were not made known to me but the man had served his time for the crime. This man had already taken it to the Lord in prayer but he still felt very guilty.  He struggled with how could  he ever be forgive for his sins.  Here is what we share with the man that has a troubled heart.

The Lord paid the price in full from the cross for ALL our sins.  When we sin we need to take it to Jesus in prayer.  First we confess the sin.  I like to think that there is a basked at the Lord’s feet that we can put our sins and troubles into.  Second we leave it with HIM.  Satin makes it hard on us by whispering in our ears that leaving it with HIM was not good enough.  Satin is the great deceiver and liar.  He will try to convince us that we still owe something for what we have done.

From the cross the Lord forgave the criminal hanging next to HIM.  Jesus said” This day you shall be with me in paradise”.   The man was a life time criminal and at the last minuet the Lord saved him.  Would He not do more for someone that has already repented?  Leave it at the feet of Jesus.  Do not commit this sin again because He has already forgiven you and paid the price 2000 years ago.  Faith is the foundation for all this.  We must believe that we have been forgiven.  Even murder is not an unforgivable sin.

The Bible tells us that Moses was not a man of words and had committed the sin of murder.  Later in his life God called upon him to be the leader of HIS people.  The Lord blessed Moses and all that followed his teaching.  King David had blood on his hands also.  He was responsible for the death of one his trusted soldiers.  This was not his only sin.  God loved David and chose him to bring our Savoir to us thru his seed.

The Bible goes on to tell us St. Paul was directly responsible for the stoning death of Stephen.  Paul was on the road to Damascus when Jesus himself called him out forgave his sins and sent him on his mission  The Lord used this man to spread the word to the gentiles. None of us have touched or harmed any of the people Jesus loved and lived with. The Lord loves us so much that HE has already forgiven us for sins we have not yet committed.  But we do need to take each sin to HIM in prayer asking to be forgiven.

We must have the faith in HIS teaching that HE intercedes between us and the Father.  Our sins are washed away with the blood from the cross as white a snow. Nice statement but it really just like that.   It is like they have never been committed.  We are an insult to the Lord if we doubt this in anyway.  Satin will always be there behind us trying to weaken our faith that we have been forgiven.  There for it is a good idea after confessing that we never mention it again. Don’t let your heart be troubled.

Our precious Heavenly Father we acknowledge that you are the creator of all things. We know that you made us in your OWN image. You sent your son to us as a man to set a covenant between us that who so ever believe in HIM shall be saved. Thank you for the gospel, decuples and prophets that have come before us as a light unto our paths.  Let us learn what YOUR will is for us.  Forgive us of our sins and lead us in the path of rightness.  Always draw us closer to THE.  In Jesus’s name we pray amen.