father daughter 06 

Here is a special present for the daughter I never had.  With all my years’ experience being a man I present her this check list on how to find Gods match for her.  I don’t claim to be and expert in making a relationship work but I do know what makes a Godly Christian man.  Here is the check list I would suggest she use  to help find the Lords match for her.  The most important thing we can teach our children is about the Lord Jesus Christ.  When a girl is looking for that one special man in her life she has the responsibility to make the right choice.  How is this done?

  1. Take all matters to HIM in prayer.  Remember that He answers all prayers with one of three answers, yes, no, and wait.  The third is the hardest answer and is given most often.  HE wants us to wait on HIS time schedule.
  2. Do not yoke yourself with a non-believer. The man must have the Lord first in his heart and daily walk.  He must be knowledgeable about scripture to know that he is the future God Head in the family.  This is a tall order to fill. The man is responsible to God for the spiritual health of the family. It is dependent upon what kind of person he is. But how can you tell if he has a personal relationship with Jesus? This takes time. The third answer to our prayers.
  3. Where did you meet this person?  More than likely you will not find your perfect mate hanging out in any place that you would not feel comfortable to have your parents with you. Better still somewhere that you would not want Jesus to find you or him when HE calls you home to glory. Pray that the Lord will do the introduction to bring you together.  Do not let Satan introduce you two from one of his hot spots.  Satan loves to use peer pressure to steer you away from the Lords will for you. So choose your friends wisely.
  4. Jesus spoke a lot about the tongue and how deadly and damaging it could be.  What does this man talk about first and most? Would you feel uncomfortable if your mother heard all he tells you? When he talks about his business does he have the “U” before the ”I”? In other words does he have a real concern about you today and in the future?  Or does he continuously talk about the “I” himself most.
  5. Look into his eyes and what do you see? Do you see a lusty grabby hands little boy or a man looking not at you so much but over you.  Is he someone that will take care of you? Does he take care of himself? Does he respect himself enough to be a true gentleman? Trust no man that would even once lie to you.  If he does he is not thinking of you but what pleases him. You do not want to be with anyone that does not want to be with you enough to follow Gods word.  He must know what the word says about his role in the family.  You also have to know Gods will for you in the family. Together not separate you build new persons under HIS love.  Then you pass this on to any children by living in a spiritually inspired life. A lot can be learned just by looking deep into his eyes and yours in the mirror.
  6. What are his roots?  What does his home look like?  Would you want your home to look and feel the same way?  What kind of people are his parents?  Yes, what is wrong or right with the father is some what passed on to the son.  Could you imagine, you being with someone like his father?
  7. Take your time.  You do not want to love someone that does not love you.  Here is that third answer again.  Giving him a long time to prove his love of the Lord and this will bring out his love for you.  Time will give you a chance to make sure you know what is in his and your heart.
  8. Man makes his decisions by using his senses. Woman makes her decisions using her emotions. This is Gods perfect balance for the family.  These are checks and balances of a spiritual origin. Man looks at a woman he is attracted to her by what he sees and by his God given desires.  Unfortunately these desires come at an age when man is not very responsible. Young men are looking for pleasure.  It is the Godly man that saves his self-respect by controlling these desires.  Without control man will fall into Satan’s sins like pornography.  Flee from the man that has this, in any form, in his life or home.  The Lord gave man and woman the gift of making love to glorify HIM.  No Christian Gentleman would want his partner to act or look like a porn star.
  9. Does this man have a firm knowledge about prophecy?  To be a good father/husband man must know about what the Lord has planned for us.  Everything we need to know has been written in God’s word.  Does this man thirst for this knowledge? He should.  Did he have an active Bible study on going when you met him?  To be a leader in a new family man must know what is happening in the world.  We must always support the nation of Israel. Does he know the politics of our nation towards them? Prophecy is alive and active in today’s news.  Is he willing to work to make necessary changes in our world outside his home?
  10. Be willing to accept the Lords answer to your prayers.  HE always answers prayers.  He may give you the hard answer wait or even NO.  Be willing to see HIS will for you. Pray to be a good listener to HIM when HE speaks to you. And pray each day that HIS will for you be known to you.

The Lord made woman to be the vessel of human life.  This is a much higher position than man could ever hold. Our bodies are a temple to HIM.  The woman’s body is sacred to the Lord.  She is closer to HIM than man because she holds the secrets to creation.  HE is greatly hurt when someone missuses or mistreats the woman’s body.  The woman must never compromise her Christian foundation for any short pleasure that could bring pain for a lifetime.

Why do I know all this?  Because I was a young man also.  I still consider myself a young man.  Daily I have to remind myself of these principals and keep myself in check.  I asked my pastor grandfather when he was over 80 how old he was when he stopped looking with his EYES at other women.  He had just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to my grandmother.  He paused and said “well it has slowed down some”.  At that age he still found himself tempted to look. So there you are.  Please accept my little gift of words.