Audio book 9 The Chunky story – part 2

Narration by DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development Inc Lansing, Michigan


G R Turner, Kevin Cook, and Ronnie Lee voice characterizations

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The Chunky story  2- part 1

The Chunky story  2- part 2

The Chunky story  2- part 3

The Chunky story  2- part 4

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The Chunky story  2- part 9


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Approximately four million Americans enslaved in the United States were freed at the conclusion of the American Civil War. The stories of a few thousand have been passed on to future generations through word of mouth, diaries, letters, records, or written transcripts of interviews. Only twenty-six audio-recorded interviews of ex-slaves have been found. This collection captures the stories of former slaves in their own words and voices. Little biographical information about them is available. Apart from their voices, photographs have been found only for the seven individuals below. Look at their faces as you listen to them talk about their lives, describing what it was like being a slave and becoming free.

The black story is told in their own words.  Listen to them speak and read their testimonials at these links.

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