Daily News,

Dr. Ausiello of Greenville has purchased the 15-book set For Generations to come to be donated to the Flat River Community Library.  We would like an article about him and his donation (see onesheet 1).  During the same week we will run radio station spots on WGLM 106.3. (see radio station marketing plan.) This how I see a long-term advertising plan for the local libraries.

There will two Daily News articles. The first one is when Dr. Ausiello gives the books to the Greenville  library. The Daily News would be there to take pics of just him and the books, mainly focusing on Dr. A, his practice and his gift, AND the audiobooks stars, NOT focusing on the Author so much at this time, trying to create somewhat of a mystery man at this point.

Dr. Ausiello has supported the author’s writing for years. If interviewed, he will have some good stuff to say about the author. As I told him, “I have no credibility in my hometown; I was hoping to ride on yours all the way to the library.”  He said he would be happy to help in any way.

I planned on using some of DJ Perry and Shane Hagedorn’s (narrator and actor for audio books) credibility in the article to draw attention to the radio advertising plan that would be airing simultaneously as the paper comes out and books are delivered. . As I told DJ, “I want to ride on your credibility all the way to the radio station.”

The radio station commercial will say, “For Generations to come, is now at these local libraries,” and they would list them.  This spot will play in the morning off to school radio time and again after school.

DJ and Shane will conduct phone interviews with the station talking about their role in the audiobooks, AND  keep mentioning the play “Rock, a musical experience.” The book was written about how I wrote the play. You must listen to audiobook seven, I am excited about what they had done for us. These boys are great!

The audiobook package (old time radio show) will be ready for the radio station to farm out to a sponsor. Think about it; there are 14 different chapters that could be released over time, and some business or different businesses could sponsor this for cheap. They might be interested if Jim (WGLM station MGR) knew in advance that he could use this material for free.

The second article may be as long as six months later and will be all about the Author and when the book signing will be at the Greenville Library. The head librarian has read an earlier text of the book and she was excited to have the Author come there and do book signings. She told me when I’m ready we will be first on their list. She is the one that told me to make picture books for kids.

There will be six libraries in Montcalm County that will receive book donations, Greenville is the first, followed by Lakeview, Belding, Stanton, Lincoln Lake , and Howard city. I am looking for sponsors for each, if not I will make the donations.

So, that is why the onesheet text was done that way, two articles and a radio station package together. This is the marketing plan, now give me any necessary changes, and point me in the right direction. Your help with all this is invaluable!

Ronnie Lee