Here is the meat of the text. This 10-Point Outline is the key points in the 137,000-word text .

Point # 1

There are 511 pages in the Classroom Copy, and Jesus is first mentioned on page 15, in the beginning.

Point #2

An introduction to the teachings of Martin Luther and the Evangelical movement he founded begins on page 17 of the Classroom Copy.

Point # 3

You can relive the traumatic voyage families took traveling from Europe across the ocean to the New World. Read how they trusted in the Lord and how He used a shark to save their lives, starting on page 31, the first paragraph, thru the first paragraph on page 33 in the Classroom Copy.

Point # 4

This American story also tells the parallel Native American story with side stories that directly relate to the main storyline. They are found further back in the book as a reference by the Icons linked to the page number. It’s like a paper hyperlink. See page 8 of the Classroom Copy for more information about these different historical stories.

Point # 5

Chapters 4 thru 11 are about families during and after the American Civil War. The text talks about six different soldiers’ experiences. The Union soldier, the Confederate soldier, the army doctors, the army chaplains, the women’s stories, and the black story.

David Knauss (the author’s 3rd cousin 5x removed) served in the Union Army, and the records of his service are found in The History of the One hundred and fifty-third regiment Pennsylvania volunteers – Narratives of the Comrades Northampton County, Pa., 1862-1863.  The experiences of these men have been blended into the experiences of two young soldiers, David Knauss and Chunky Godfreed.  Fact mixed with fiction paints a true-life picture of what so many sacrificed for freedom. David Knauss’s story begins in chapter 3 on page 51 of the Classroom Copy.

The Knauss family tree took over three years of research using and is on page 3 of the Classroom Copy.

Point # 6

Writing the black story about Chunky Godfreed’s family took over six months, 8 to 16 hours a day.  The author was privileged to listen to the Library of Congress’s recordings of enslaved Black people’s interviews before they passed on to glory. Their stories were blended into the experiences of one X-Slave, Jonah Godfreed.  These great people of faith will live again when their stories are published.  Jonah as a slave, the black story, begins on page 112 of the Classroom Copy.

Point # 7

The author’s testimony to young people starts on page 203 and thru the third paragraph on page 206.

Point # 8

The author’s personal thoughts about Angels are on page 273, The bum in Golden Gate Park. Page 273 The taxi ride. And page 325, The snowbank storyteller. (the snowbank story is on page 211)

Point # 9

The letter to the daughter I never had, starts on pages 316 thru 319.  This text is the Prime Rib, the best meat of the text.  This is the message we need to get to young people today. Let’s get started.

Point # 10

For Generations to come, Audiobooks will raise the bar and quality and set new standards for audiobooks forever.

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