Ann Scott: [loud distortion] ??? . Master take a part of the Negro and carried it over on Collington. After he carried him over on Collington now, after master died. We come back after master died. My father who brung come over back on the [Main (?)] bring us back to the Yankee. Bring us back to the Yankee, back to the same where we came. [pause] It close to midnight and we come back–

Guy Lowman: ??? .

Anne Scott: –right to the island. Home to the island. We are here up to now. Over, over on Collington after the Yankees had took [Bull Pine (?)]. After they took [Bull Pine (?)]. After master died. The two [Browns (?)] and Drummond carry, come on the [Main (?)] for us that night. And take us right back onto and carry [us (?)] to the same place master where carried me from.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: [asks an inaudible question possibly phrased like: What was your master’s name and where did you work?]

Ann Scott: Drummond. I was in the house. Take care of the children. In the morning. Get up. Put on the [cereal (?)] and stop and wash the children hands, brush their hair. Then I put the table cloth upon the table. And get the mat and put them on top the tablecloth. Then I get this knife and fork and plate, put them upon the table, then I [cook his (?)] ??? then put in some of the ??? . Now the ??? difficult let her ??? get ??? . I can’t put it on the table. And where missus and master and company sat down I told them, really, and they get up and go.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: [Just before they (?)] ??? ?

Mrs. Ann Scott: They in the field. They are, they in the field. They ain’t been here. They in the field. They ain’t been here. Take care the ??? . After all, I couldn’t do no more but that.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: ??? what about the church?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Ebenezer.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Ebenezer?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Ebenezer Baptist.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Uhmm.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Thank you.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: How many children do you have?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Humm? I mothered nineteen. All dead. All the ??? [Canada (?)]. Sought after when I ??? .

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Where are they?

Mrs. Ann Scott: ??? out of the twelve of them married and they gone off.

Guy S. Lowman: How long have you been a member of the church?

Mrs. Ann Scott: I couldn’t tell you, but it’s sometime. Sometime since I been in; couldn’t tell you how much though. I could tell you ??? could tell you what; month and tell you what year, but I can’t do that.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Who is the leader?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Hmm?

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Who is the leader?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Well, now that all the old ones dead, but come through Austin over there. He our leader. ??? [elected to be our leader (?)] ??? . Gary Austin is the one leading us.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: What nights do you go to choir?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Hmm?

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: What nights did you go to choir [and sing music (?)]?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Tuesday night and Thursday night and Sundays.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Where did you go?

Mrs. Ann Scott: Right in the ??? of the church. A little ways off from the schoolhouse.

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: What you call it?

Mrs. Ann Scott: [My dear (?)], I say this is we put our coal. ??? of me. ??? this one a little ways off from the school house.

Ann Scott: [opening incomprehensible, very poor recording until one minute sixteen seconds] ??? Collington. The ??? . ??? . ??? . ??? in the field. ??? in the right field. ??? . [We offer this ??? here (?)]. [??? open and set up (?)]. I ??? . Wish I had ??? . I don’t have to ??? they don’t bother me. I guess they didn’t bother me. Bother me. They don’t bother me. ??? My father ??? one portion of ??? . [she delivers a prayer] My former father who gave me [hands (?)] for the [distance (?)] to bring me over to here. My old father. They all dead before me and still my [drink is full (?)]. Then I asked her to talk to me, to pardon and forgive me for my sins that I had. [And I say (?)], I know [disc skips] I have [problems (?)] ??? you. Call your ??? my father should be ??? for them. [When I ask father to forgive me now (?)]. Oh, father I ask that you [forgive me (?)]. Hear the change of hope. And I ask you to [save (?)] me. Oh, please be ??? and ??? . And I ask of my father to remember the [slave revolts (?)]. Give them better [protection (?)]. Let them know that you going ??? [for them (?)]. I asking my people remember my people I leave. Oh, give us ??? . Give them [enough knowledge (?)] and honesty. Oh, [disc skips] remember the ??? my father whose [disc skips] ??? . Oh, bless them ??? . And I ask you to spare the ??? your people. Let me get a long ??? . [disc skips] ??? But the one that do the [disc skips] ??? my father the same ??? . All I ask them give the Lord to Jesus Christ and to all that’s out there. [recording gap] ??? . And when they don’t come, what they do ??? for a man? I never want them things but she be with them and she realize. [pause] ??? she realize. ??? . [recording gap] ??? that was woman. [recording gap] My name. Ann Scott after slavery. Ann Scott from after slavery from St. Helena Island, South Carolina.