Mrs. Annie Williams: [How much (?)] I know who the man who brought the man here to the funeral. But he come from ??? and he told the man ??? was one hundred last April on the third. [steam engine toots in background]. On the third of every April make ??? .

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Mhmm.

Mrs. Annie Williams: On third of last April I hear a girl, what her name is, [Betsy (?)]–

Unidentified Woman: [blurts] A hundred and one.

Mrs. Annie Williams: That’s right. I’ve known her since a long time. [a cat meows] Happened long before the ah, that happened long before the war, you know. That’s the way this warring supposed to be. Don’t even ??? .

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: You see the war?

Mrs. Annie Williams: I seen the [hooting (?)].

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Uhmm.

Mrs. Annie Williams: I seen the [parading (?)] and know what they sung and all.

Unidentified Woman: [Yeah. Going back (?)].

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: What did they sing?

Mrs. Annie Williams: They sang. They sung what? [Mrs. Annie Williams sings]

[I Dropped Your Pass (?)]

[I dropped your pass along with the wind.
Over Union boys ride a home this way.
The troop was in a Richmond by they wail mighty whoppers but ???
A horn is ??? (?)].

Two drums. A fiddle. Two drums and a fiddle and everything. Two, take two men and tote the, get them to hold that drum and ??? . And, and I know they can sing that. They knew they were going away. They done cleaned the state of Virginia. Was going away. And the load was, was full, when they pulled away. When they pulled away. ??? . I knew I can’t go. Was going away. They was going down the paved road and making to the North. And, and ah, they were being ??? . And when they got in the paved road about four miles, a man hired a ??? , you know, the man on the ??? . They fed him. Hand it to him, you know. Down that way. Go on back beside the road. ??? [recording glitch] He was like ah, dead you know. He found in the road. ??? road. He can’t, and the, and he holler and said, “Don’t stop.” And then, then when he catch his [breath (?)] ??? and on his head ??? on his way. But then, and then the man playing on the, on the, on the drum. He, he, he hit the [riff (?)] ??? . ??? And, and he, and he said [Mrs. Annie Williams sings]

[If he was in with Minor Williams might have left them, but I don’t want no ??? . And when we was in with Minor Williams might have left them, but ??? (?)].

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: What?

Mrs. Annie Williams: [laugh] When he ??? on the, on the drum and the ??? on the, on the ??? . ??? And that man was hitting, hitting that little, little drum and other was the ??? . [He said that (?)]. I remember [echo] [I remember (?)] we would dance. We would do a dance. All over ??? dance until we [couldn’t walk (?)]. ???

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Hmm?

Mrs. Annie Williams: I seen some ??? . ???

Unidentified Woman Interviewer: Tell us about Cox’s Snow. You said you were done before Cox’s Snow?

Mrs. Annie Williams: Yeah. The Cox’s Snow was [14th of November (?)]. [remainder of recording extremely poor]