Archibald A. Hill: [You want to tell us who (?)] you are?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Sarah. Oh, Sarah. My mother is named Sally. Ninety-three years old, the second of, um, October. And she lives with me. She’s the mother of thirteen children. Five, five living. I’m the only girl. She lives with me.

Archibald A. Hill: [Who are her other sons (?)]?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Sir?

Archibald A. Hill: ???

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Oh, she has three um, no, four boys. ??? [a unknown woman says something in the background] Yeah, [Nelson is one (?)], Tom, Tom, Elvis, and, and ah, Richard. ???

Archibald A. Hill: Any grandchildren?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Ah, yes she has ah, ??? twenty-five grandchildren ??? and ten great grandchildren.

Archibald A. Hill: None of them live down here?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: No. They all live up North.

Archibald A. Hill: How come they went up North?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: They working up North. Get more [wages (?)]. [she laughs]

Unidentified Woman: [says something inaudible]

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Some married. And some single.

Archibald A. Hill: Any more beyond great grandchildren? Any great great grandchildren? [conversation briefly overlaps]

Sarah Ashton Brooks: No. No. No great great-grandchildren. No.

Archibald A. Hill: Who is the ah, the oldest great-grandchild?

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Great grandchild, ah, Elvis Campbell, is the oldest great grandchild.

Archibald A. Hill: ???

Sarah Ashton Brooks: He lives in, ah, Philadelphia, [at least I think he does (?)]. A grand, her oldest grandson is forty, forty [eight (?)] years old, John Ashton. He ???

Archibald A. Hill: ???

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Mmm.

Archibald A. Hill: ???

Sarah Ashton Brooks: Laundry. Mrs. Phillips. She’s the town clerk.