The first map of the New World by Americo Vespucio

for whom the Americas are named

1.  The haughty person

Peter Lee Knauss was born here 1546

Battle of the Teutoburg forest 9AD

Old World German map


2.  The Journey to America

Sea travel with the Atlantic Ocean currents

Johann Ludwig’s place of birth 1685

Thirty years war 1618 – 1648

Sabastin Heinrich Knauss was born here 1714

The location of Palatinate homeland

The New World


Early map of America

William Penn’s Pennsylvania

1600’s Rhine river map

old Battle of Whitemarsh map 1777

Susquehanna seller map


3.  The New World generations

birthplace of Daniel Knauss 1726

The French and Indian war 1745 – 1763

Abraham Knauss was born here 1754

early map of Pennsylvania 1756

Hanover Township, Northampton

Lewis Ludwig Knauss place of birth 1784

Pennsylvania became the 2nd state and1st commonwealth to join the Union in 1787

Edward Knauss was born here 1813

land ownership map



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