Radio Station Marketing plan: Days of Action

One week before our commercial will air, the station will leek that something new will be happening next week on Monday’s morning show.

Monday, day one.

1…The first radio commercial will play on a Monday the same day the Daily News acritical comes out about Dr. Ausiello’s gift of the books to the Greenville Library.  This commercial spot will be short saying, “For Generations is now at the Greenville Public Library.”

*The announcer will explain what will be taking place that week, and he has never met the author but he will Friday live on the air.

Tuesday, Steve Goff  will be live on the morning show to talk about his role in the audiobooks.  We can ask Steve what he would like to be asked OR>

Questions to be asked:

When did you first meet the author?  Answer:  I have not met him yet.

How did you hear about this project?

What did you think of the story line?

What impressed you to get involved with the audiobooks?


Wednesday, DJ Perry, the narrator for the Civil War books 4 thru 11 will be live on the phone.

We can ask DJ what questions he would like to answer about his work and the audiobooks.

Questions to ask DJ.

When did you meet the author?  (at this time he is the only one that has met the author)

About his films, working with David Carradine, Rance Howard, others….

Ask DJ for preferred questions to ask.


Thursday, Shane Hagedorn, the voice of David Knauss during the Civil War audiobooks will be live on the phone during the morning show.  Shane has his own movie projects that will be exciting for the listener to hear about.  Ronnie Lee’s project will seem pretty valuable to these men to invest their time into it.  This will bring a curiosity about For Generations to come books.

Questions to ask Shane:

When did you first meet the author?  Answer:  I have not met him yet.

Shane can provide us with preferred questions to ask about his projects.


 Friday, the author will be live on the morning show.  And we will somewhat take control of the dialog by offering a list of questions.

Again, at this time in the marketing plan we are to focus on the people like the Dr. and these actors that believe in this project so much to get involved in it.  We are building up their creditability for the author to stand on because he has none of his own.  No one will be interested in just the author.  Dr. Ausiello’s himself adds creditability to the gift, and these two men’s performance will raise the bar on the quality and set new standards for all audiobooks forever.