French leave Mexico; Maximilian executed.

Dominion of Canada established.

U.S. buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000.

South African diamond field discovered.

Strauss’s Blue Danube. 


In U.S., Fourteenth Amendment giving civil rights to blacks is ratified.

Georgia under military government after legislature expels blacks.


First U.S. transcontinental rail route completed.

James Fisk and Jay Gould’s attempt to control gold market causes Black Friday panic.

Suez Canal opens.  

Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements.


German Empire proclaimed with Prussian King as Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Fighting with Apaches begins in American West.

Jane Canary was better known to America as Calamity Jane.

Boss Tweed corruption exposed in New York.

The Chicago Fire, with 250 deaths and $196-million damage.

Stanley meets Livingstone in Africa.   


Congress gives amnesty to most Confederates.

Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days.


Economic crisis in Europe.

U.S. establishes gold standard.


First Kentucky Derby.  Aristides- 1875- FIRST Kentucky Derby Winner


General George Armstrong Custer and his entire force were defeated and killed by Lakota and northern Cheyenne Indians led by Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone.



After presidential election of 1876, electoral commission gives disputed electoral college votes to Rutherford B. Hayes despite Tilden’s popular majority.


President Hayes removes federal troops from the South, ending the period known as Reconstruction.


Thomas Edison patents phonograph.


The Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph is forced to surrender.


The Disastrous Premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.


First commercial telephone exchange opened in New Haven, Conn.


Thomas A. Edison invents practical electric light.



U.S.-China treaty allows U.S. to restrict immigration of Chinese labor.


President Garfield fatally shot by assassin; Vice President Arthur succeeds him. Charles   J. Guiteau convicted and executed (1882).


In U.S., Congress adopts Chinese Exclusion Act.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust is first industrial monopoly.



Congress creates Civil Service Commission.

Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge


Metropolitan Opera House completed.




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