Congress votes to pass Sherman Antitrust Act.


Sioux chief Sitting Bull arrested and killed by police on Pine Ridge reservation,


two weeks later, U.S. troops kill over 200



Sioux at Battle of Wounded Knee Ghost Dance Tragedy.


Battle between steel strikers and Pinkerton guards at Homestead, Pa.; union defeated after militia intervenes.


Diesel engine patented.



Kate Sheppard leading member of the New Zealand Women’s Suffrage movement, New   Zealand becomes the first country in the world to grant women the vote.



In France, Capt. Alfred Dreyfus convicted on false treason charge (pardoned in 1906).


In U.S., Jacob S. Coxey of Ohio leads “Coxey’s Army” of unemployed on Washington.

Eugene V. Debs calls general strike of rail workers to support Pullman Company strikers; strike broken, Debs jailed for six months.

Edison’s kinetoscope given first public showing in New York City.



X-rays discovered by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen.


Auguste and Louis Lumière Lumière first screened their motion pictures for a public, paying audience. at a café in Paris.



Alfred Nobel’s will establishes prizes for peace, science, and literature.


Marconi receives first wireless patent in Britain.

William Jennings Bryan delivers “Cross of Gold” speech at Democratic Convention in Chicago.


First modern Olympic games held in Athens, Greece.


Chinese “Boxers,” anti-foreign organization, established. They stage uprisings against Europeans in 1900.


U.S. and other Western troops relieve Peking legations. U.S.


Battleship Maine is sunk in Havana Harbor.

Spanish-American War begins.  U.S. destroys Spanish fleet near Santiago, Cuba.

Dewey’s flagship, the cruiser Olympia, arriving in Manila.

The USS Brooklyn leads the American squadron to victory over the Spanish off Santiago de Cuba.

Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium and polonium.


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