a) Who ever you choose

Who ever you choose to appoint as the leader, make sure they understands good business ethics. It’s best to have the same person be the all time mouth piece. Show respect for this person especially in public on the job. If you find yourself in this position, be humble, honest, and sincere. Keep accurate records of all cash transitions and business conversations.

  1. Day of the Show, the sound man or other crew can handle the small business. This gives the performers time and privacy to get ready for the performance. Any member of the band can be a spokes person. Try to take the load off the lead singer or whoever needs a break or extra sleep.
  2. Other times face it, who is the best business man “without sounding like a commander” should be your spokesman. This person must have a grasp on how business is discussed as well as handled. Remember “the U comes before the I in the word BUSINESS”.
  3. b) Business cards need to be clear and simple. Again pay attention to your image when you chose color and style of lettering. Cards are the easiest way to inform anyone how to get in touch with your business. So remember when you design them, they may be the first and last way of getting in touch with you about a job. Order just what you need for six months you can always order more. Sometimes numbers change and you wont lose so much by ordering too many. Don’t get a thousand until you need a thousand. KISS, “keep it simple stupid”.  Include your band Facebook page, email address, and web page on you cards. You don’t need any more than two numbers on a card. Any more looks like you don’t have a stable number.  If you need to make a change, get new cards. Remember you didn’t get that many anyway.

c) Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping must be accurate and easy legible for all to understand. Numbers don’t lie so keep track of everything that is an expense or and income for the band. Balance your income to the expenses before you make a pay split.

Next the most important person to pay first is the booking agent if you are using one. Always send their commission the first thing next week no exceptions. Again know which side your bread is buttered on and respect it. This will always pay off in the long run for feature jobs.

Sometimes money is not always the only reward for your services. Benefits and doing a favor for the local bar that doesn’t usually have entertainment, can win you more popularity than you can buy.

d) Music stores

Music stores are your closest ally in the music business. A good working relationship is necessary from the very beginning when you need equipment to get started. Through out your career you will need their services to repair or upgrade your equipment. Pay your bills on time and set a good credit standard. You will always need these people’s services if not now, later.



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