1.  The haughty person 

2. The journey to America  

3. The New World generations 

4.  The diary and memories of a Civil War soldier – part 1

5.  The diary and memories of a Civil War soldier – part 2

6.  The march to Gettysburg

7.  The battle of Gettysburg

 8.  The Chunky Story – part 1

9.  The Chunky Story – part 2

10.  The end of battle and going home

11.  The trees of Michigan 

12.  The return to Gettysburg – part 1

        The return to Gettysburg – part 2

13.  The people from the east border – part 1

        The people from the east border – part 2

14.  The next generation – part 1   

     The next generation – part 2


Table of contents special files listing

Through out the story line of  “For GENERATIONS to come”  there are points of interest in history that either happened at that time or relate to the story.  They are represented by a special hot button logo that is unique to their subject matter.  By clicking on these logos, you go directly to some point in time, or moment in history that is directly interrelated to the story itself. *

  This is a timeline of what else was happening in world history in the same time period.

   This is a library of, The Native American story, The Native American tribes and peoples, and The Native American timeline of north America.  Also included in this section are the Audio files of Native Americans.

  This Library contains, The games children played in the Middle-Ages, The games children played during Colonial times, The history of toys,  The history of the Puritans, The history of writing, The underground railroad, and The history of photography.

  Maps library of historical and family events.

  Sound only appears in the story after 1877 when Thomas Edison invented a way to record it.  After this moment in time audio files are available to listen to.

  This is TEXT files of the audio recordings of the interviews with X-slaves and it is located in the Audio special files pages.

These special parts of this digital book are listed below in this table of contents for easy access.

15. – 27.  A list of events in history.

28. – 48. The Native American story & timeline

49. – 58. Historical facts related to the story

59.  Maps  60. – 65 The sound of history & pronunciation guides

66.  The Knauss family tree

For generations to come – Audio Book

For Generations to come – Resources


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