Sunrise Band Old Fashioned Days 1988.My favorite song is at the 30: minute and :30 second time point of this video. Real nice vocal work Still after 30 years brings tears to my eyes. .. If I could do this all over again; I would have dressed Jim and I up to look like 'The Blues Brothers' with pin stripped suits, dark glasses and fedora hats. We all wore our bowling shoes. We were 'The Shoes Brothers' I would like to dedicate this to our friend and fellow bandmate Harry Klauss. Rest In Peace. Big Harry was the most 'Sharp dressed ' member of the Sunrise Band. A black tuxedo was a main staple in his stage wardrobe. Rock solid bass player with stellar high harmony backup vocals really pulled his weight and added a nice cherry on top. a very difficult pair of shoes to fill.

Posted by Michael Fuller on Thursday, May 17, 2018

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