I. Rehearsals

a) Punctuality 

b) Being well prepared 

c) Take advantage of time 

d) Jokes & Patter

e) Interplay among players 

f) Set Up and Tear Down 

g) Set time and length

II. Performance 

a) Your Guests 

b) Controlling volume 

c) No breaks between songs 

d) Lights and special effects 

e) Remember the Bar Staff 

f) Arrival Time 

g) Character acting 

h) Costumes or matching uniforms 

i) Off Stage 

j) Concerts

III. Equipment

a) Equipment Split

b) Maintenance / Repair Fund

IV Management

a) Whoever you choose to appoint as the leader 

b) Business Cards 

c) Bookkeeping 

d) Music stores 

V Marketing

a) The Name 

b) Pictures and Tapes 

c) Posters 

d) Video 

e) Printed Set List 

f) Fan Club 

g) T-Shirts 

h) CD’s 

VI Recording Studio

a) Original Music 

b) Production Cost 

c) Being well prepared 

VII. The Web

a) Web site 

b) Mailing lists

c) Digital music

VIII. Drugs

Closing or Enough is Enough!


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